Julia Rhodes' Portfolio

Award Winning Social Media Content Producer

Social Media Expert Julia Rhodes

Julia has been a leader in the online content production industry since 2010. Over the years she has produced cutting-edge social media web videos for known broadcasters, big brands and global NGOs. Her innovative work has lead her to being invited into the prestigious Producers Guild of America, New Media Council.

In addition to producing effective web videos, Julia is proficient in the following:

  • online video marketing strategies
  • digital PR & influencer driven campaigns
  • 'always on' social media management
  • social media ads
  • editorial content
  • competitor analysis

A few things that make her stand out from the crowd are:

Excellent Project Manager

Julia Rhodes on set during Jiggy Cafe

Julia has been successfully rolling out long and short-term content campaigns for years. She is a reliable, passionate about her work and has consistently delivered great results on all projects. 

Effective Team Leader

Julia Rhodes with South African Rugby Player Siya Kolisi during the adidas video shoot

This photo was taken during an adidas web video shoot with a famous South Africa rugby player. 

From the left: Julia Rhodes (Video Director), South African rugby player Siya Kolisi (Talent), PR expert, Client Service manager

A Few Recent Clients


Inspiring Content | Al Jazeera English

Check out this video Julia produced in 2013 for a through the line rabies awareness campaign for Al Jazeera English called 'LIFELINES: The quest for global health'.

She utilised video content to develop a 20K+ social media community of people who could take action to stomp out this and other neglected tropical diseases. 

Find out more about this project here.

Video to Create FOMO for the Lipton T-Room Events

Check out this video Julia produced in 2017 for Lipton.

If you're looking for someone who thinks outside of the box, then Julia is a great candidate. 

This innovative point of view video was created for use on social media to educate viewers about Lipton T-Rooms and create FOMO for upcoming T-Room events.

Video to Drive Graduate Recruitment

This video was produced by Julia in 2018 using modern techniques:

  • drone footage
  • time lapses
  • slow motion shots
  • action shots
  • vox pops
  • celebrity involvement

It performed very well on social media and earned engagements 1,500% above industry average.  


Influencer Campaign

Strategic Video Driven Campaign

Julia worked to produce adidas' version of the ice-bucket challenge. 

She filmed a series of high profile SA celebrities showing how they get creative when they train. Each celebrity challenged another influential person to do the same to get the ball rolling. Before they knew it, the public was participating too!

This campaign delivered the exceptional results shown in the image above. 

Take a sneak peek

Here is a short cut down of some of the influencer footage captured. 

Viral Video Campaign for GeoLotto

Harnessing the Power of PR & Outreach to earn 4M Views

GeoLotto wanted an organic outreach campaign on a series of videos about a man trying to give away money to strangers in the UK. 

Some of the budget was allocated toward paid advertising on Facebook and YouTube, but the majority was assigned to identifying and contacting online personalities and popular websites with large followings to share the videos with their communities. 

Julia had the videos cut in a way to earn them maximum press traction and headed the outreach efforts. 

Top line results:

  • coverage from News, Lifestyle shows and more
  • 4,000,000+ video views earned

Read the full case study here


Results Earned Within the First 3 Months of Management

Since taking over social media management, exceptional results were generated.

Julia ran this account for 30 months and generated the following:

  • 52% growth in Facebook following
  • 28,000% growth in Twitter following
  • content reach of 8,000,000+ 
  • content engagement rate 303% above industry average


"Content is king" and this account performed well due to the quality static and rich content produced. The content was informed by insights and was catered to the interests of the target market.



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